Doha Pest Control Solutions for food & beverage industry

We Kill Them to Save You

Economy conditions do not impact the food and beverage industry. This segment will always flourish. But industries are facing true competition among themselves. The imparting aspect here is hygiene. It is a harsh fact that many people are suffering from food borne diseases and maximum out of it are impacted due to unhygienic conditions of Indian restaurants.

Safety Pest Control Plan

We know the importance of your industry. Hence we have launched a highly advanced food safety pest control plan utterly for you.

  • Our food safety plan meets the required and appropriate standards codes of food.
  • MCT meets on site service protocol and the essential documentation.
  • We are accredited with industry standards and the highest quality of services.
  • At MCT, our highly experienced technicians present an inherently food safe service and thus contributing in food safety.